“Naturale” is the meaning of "natural" in Italian. It is a homely Italian restaurant chef and sommelier of Madame that the apprenticeship in Florence to management. Chef goes to Italy every year to get the ingredients and the Italian wine and also studying Italian food. We're direct from the farm and particular about the seasonal ingredients. The volume is reasonable and also perfect in order to feel the atmosphere of home Italy as well as the taste naturally. The party which can be reserved from 15 people is also well-received.


  Lunch will change the menu in the first half and the second half of the week. Please choose several types of source. Plate lunch is the popular menu of hearty with a meat dish of farm-fresh in your favorite pasta! !


◆Example of Menu◆

A: Spaghetti of Crab and Scallops by Hokkaido   ¥1,100~

B: Homemade Tagliatelle of Smoked Salmon and Spinach   ¥1,150~

~Plate Lunch (10 meals limited)~

C: Roast of Pork with Lentils ~Along with the A or B your favorite pasta~ ¥1,300~



  Enjoy regional cuisine and homemade pasta such as throughout Italy with fresh seafood and meat markets and farm-fresh!



◆Example of Menu◆


Assorted homemade ham and salami of Milano  ¥1,200

Sicilian salad by octopus and olive  ¥ 860

Marinated swordfish and fresh tomato  ¥ 980



Linguine Vongole Bianco  ¥1,500

Spaghetti with Sea Urchin Cream Sauce  ¥1,600

Homemade Gnocchi of Potato with Gorgonzola Sauce  ¥1,600



~Meat and Fish Dishes~

Tagliata of Shiraoi-Beef by Hokkaido  ¥6,800

Cutlet of Sangen-Pork by Iwate  ¥3,980

Roasted Natural Red Snapper with Green Laver Source  ¥3,600